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They feel entitled to greedily take whatever they want, and grandiosely believe they are smart enough to get away with cheating without having to pay the consequences. Immature, self-centered, selfish men, incapable of real commitment?

There can be a profound lack of caring and consideration for the partner's feelings, needs and personal perspective. Often such red flags are blatantly obvious to everyone but ourselves. Men whom they thought could be changed by merely loving them?

Betrayal of trust in a committed relationship can be considered an evil deed. What do these choices say about us psychologically? Or keep the family together for the sake of finances or the children?

Are there fundamental differences between women's infidelities and men's? But sex for women has different psychological and biological significance than sex for men.The biggest problem with cheating on a spouse or significant other is not necessarily the sexual liaison itself, but rather the betrayal of trust it causes.This painful rupture of trust in many cases proves too much to get past.Now, what happens when the offending spouse, of either sex, suffers from pathological narcissism? Such narcissistic (or sometimes even antisocial) traits or tendencies are notoriously resistant (though not impervious) to treatment.Narcissism (self-love) makes true intimacy and empathy impossible.

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