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Internally called Project Scorpio, Microsoft officially took the wraps off of its latest console this summer at E3 when it unveiled the Xbox One X to the world.

Now that it’s finally arrived, the suped-up Xbox One X is proving what it can do with all that extra power.

Editing higher resolution videos also gives you the option to zoom in closer on details and can give anyone who views your videos a full scale sense of the way you’re playing your games.

Even if you don’t have a 4K TV yet, the Xbox One X will still lend its graphics boost to the 1080p TV and games you already own.

The extra power of the One X pushes all those extra pixels without blinking an eye, and games look even more incredible as a result.

4K is great but, without HDR, you won’t get the maximized effect of the resolution bump.

Alternatively, network transfers are equally easy (though take a while longer) if you’re comfortable keeping both your old Xbox One and your new Xbox One X connected to the same network simultaneously.

the motion of the sun and stars in the sky or plant growth, become very pronounced.Just make sure your Xbox One X settings are turned on to download the additional 4K assets, and the console will take care of the rest of the heavy lifting.You can check out all the games getting the Enhanced treatment here.What’s the point of 4K if you can’t show it off to the world.The internal recording mechanism inside the Xbox One X doesn’t just pump out 4K graphics, it also lets you record and edit them or export them to an external HDD so you can edit them in professional video editing software on your Macbook or PC.

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