When did ashton and demi start dating

And pictures of them always made us happy and hopeful. I did really stupid things in my 20s, I changed careers several times, I dated all the wrong men, and basically had my priorities in bad order.

But as of three days ago, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are officially divorced. I'm not saying that's the case for Kutcher or anyone else in their 20s, I just think it's possible. I remember really getting my life together in my early 40s.

I was getting divorced, and sure, I was insecure and it wasn't the happiest of times in my life.

A "Kutcher source" wasn't surprised by the turn of events, telling People magazine that while nothing happened during "That '70s Show," Kutcher "was always talking about how beautiful she is.

Obviously, something needed to be fixed, he needed to be aware of it, and she needed to get it off her chest."Jada Pinkett Smith on keeping things fresh: "Think of places outside that are comfortable to have sex. And I remember thinking, 'Damn, these girls are fly' -- I just thought it was the ultimate sexy show I've ever seen. It was nerve-racking." 2002: With "That '70s Show" turning both Kutcher and Kunis into household names, their private lives became the interest of the public.

Just switch it up."Justin Timberlake on the importance of details: "My beautiful wife (taught me) patience and the little things, like just putting the dishes in the dishwasher. Fellas, you're welcome."Hugh Jackman on romancing Deborra Lee-Furness: "My No. (Once) I pretended I was still on the set, and I called Deb and said, 'I'll be back late tonight.' ...

They were the couple who inspired every single woman who thought she was too old to be sexy and attractive to younger men. When I think about how much I changed from 25 to 41, I can't even imagine how many potential issues this couple had, just because of how much growth Kutcher would go through over the next decade and a half. Factor in such a large age gap, and you are already starting at somewhat of a disadvantage.

They made it acceptable for an older woman and a younger man to fall madly in love. In my opinion, people in their 20s are still trying to figure out life.

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