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Or The second best way (the lazy way that I use, cause I couldn't care whether it works or not; if I break, I fix with hammers, then I can restore from my backups) is to adopt the below strategy: 0.

Download the appropriate firmware and unzip it to your computer. Log into the Qnap and disable all QPKG's (assuming you have any) 2.

Enable your QPKG's (moans about stuff that still needs tidying) There are a few processes left running even if you disable the media scanner, but they aren't too greedy (again, I've disabled them via a startup script).

As with 3.8.3, there are other processes running even when they aren't needed by everyone (i SCSI, printer, UPS support) but some or all of these can also be stopped (just to keep things tidy) by creating an (this is too fiddly for most users, but I've done it on all my - and my friends - Qnaps).

Add your music from up to 16 different computers in a matter of minutes.

One of my friends used rsync to back up Multimedia to a NTFS USB drive and it copied all these hidden files and folders (significantly increasing the backup time).to familiarise yourself with the new interface (login pages etc) as it is quite different.A few good points and bad points (from the perspective of a Linn user).When the update has successfully completed, it will prompt you to reboot 5.If appropriate to your intended usage, log in and disable the media library scanner 6.

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