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My doc asked me if I had been experiencing any of this stuff (among other symptoms) and I had to nod in agreement as my waistband cut into my stomach and I thought back to falling asleep on the couch at 8 pm several times a week amidst several overflowing piles of laundry and mountains of dishes in the sink.Then also remembering the fact that my hands nearly always hurt, and tons of other symptoms I had just explained away as some other issue or just getting older. Finally, she asked if I had been depressed and anxious lately and I said, of course, I live in 2017 America…I did a bunch of lab work recently because I’m going to the doctor next week and they wanted to run all these tests for kind of a general health check up.To be honest, I’m kind of terrified to hear what they’re going to say. THEN, I heard yesterday that the new goal for blood pressure measurements is 130/80!!!I often find really good HIIT workouts on pinterest – (feel free to follow me here) which I love because that means I can create my own workouts and change it up. Sometimes even midway through when I’m just OVER burpees. It just takes a lot of damn energy for me to get my whole body on the ground and then back up, and then JUMP. Sometimes I’ll even post my own workouts and I will try to do that even more in the coming months, so definitely check back in! So brace yourselves…I am about to change all of your lives. He is hilarious, has a great playlist, and once you get familiar with the moves, you can get a great workout in.Okay, so yes, HIIT and boxing and all that high intensity stuff is great, but I also realize the importance of the yin to my yang, so I know I need to add more yoga into my schedule. I had a hard time finding which video I wanted to embed below, but this one always makes me laugh, so I went with Miss Ariana Grande, “Into You”. If you are in super good shape and need an extra boost to get your heart rate up, you can always add HIIT exercises or lunges/squats in between songs.I have blogged before about my love/hate relationship with healthy eating/fitness, but it seems I decided that 2017 was the year to eat my feelings. But now, since I am getting older, I also realize that it’s not just about weight management, but also about long-term health.

I wanted to respond and be allllll, I’m pretty sure we’ve been there done that re moon landing, but maybe he’s a flat earther or something.

Stay tuned for a holiday post about how it sucks not to be able to eat stuffing and why I think all your elves on the shelves are super creepy. DS when I didn’t post last week, but life and work have been crazy lately (along with what seems like everything in the entire world) so I just couldn’t make it happen. Which seems like a phrase almost everyone in Hollywood, or hell, politics for that matter should really start practicing in the mirror. ICYMI, Wang finally got fed up with me not responding to his messages and first asked quite innocently if I was bi or lesbian, then after he didn’t get an answer to that question, he messaged me, in all caps, WHY DON’T YOU WANT TO DATE ME?

I will tell you right now, when courting me, if I do not respond to constant reminders of my aging uterus, staggering height, and questionable sexual preference, yelling at me will definitely work. He managed to regain his composure by the next morning, following his outburst by telling me he is not your average guy, he is here to make history – not many in this plane are working on moon landing.

That’s like telling me that my goal should be to run a 6 minute mile. Then Tuesday morning Willford Brimley busts through your wall like the Kool-Aid man and yells “YOU GOT THE DIABEETUS” and your life is forever changed. Which is actually stressing me out even more, which I am aware is counterproductive. I think in the past I have always approached working out with an all or nothing mindset, meaning I have to do cardio and weights and yoga and it has to be 6 times a week and I have to get my heartrate up every single day and omg I just burn out.

Or to finish a show without pausing 15 times to check my phone. So, I’m 100% sure they are going to tell me they can’t believe I haven’t had a heart attack yet and to get my affairs in order. Anyway, in an effort to be proactive, I am going to take the proverbial bull by the horns and attempt to thwart my impending diabeetus. So this time I’m going to try and approach it differently.

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