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She dips you in slowly, making sure you are submerged in the bubbly liquid. You grip her hair tighter, to control her head, but she pushes herself on you, until her nose touches your belly. Piper reaches for your shaft, eager to enjoy giving you the first blowjob of the year, eager to taste you. She suddenly stops and takes the glass to your semi-erect member. What started as a sweet, loving embrace begins to heat up. She licks you with her skillful tongue, watching your reaction.Her mouth envelops your tip with warmth and passion.You look down at her and your surroundings disappear.

She brings two flutes and a tiny bottle of champagne to the living room. She swallows your manhood once more, and holds you deep in her throat until she has to gasp for air. Nothing gets her off like deep throating you, and she wants you inside her now. She was so tense she climaxes almost instantly, and you cum all over her mound. Piper finally plunges her head down, her lips are wrapped around your girth. She approaches her mouth from your tip and sucks the last of it. - Download File RG - Download File ==== File Name : TAOBJ-2016-01-22 - Piper - Geeky File Size : 222.57 MB Resolution : 1280x720 Duration : Piper is taking it easy, you are facing a natural version of her.

She moans lightly, and goes down to rub her face on your naked crotch.

- Download File RG - Download File ===== File Name : TAOBJ-2016-01-08 - Piper - Deepthroating Gets Her File Size : 176.52 MB Resolution : 1280x720 Duration : Cuddling next to you as you pass your fingers through her hair, Piper starts to feel the urge taking over her.

As you place your cock in the warmth of her mouth, she gives you total control.

You rise her chin with one hand, and with the other you make a mess out of her hair, pushing her on you.

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She pauses, licking only parts of you, creating a desire-a need for more.

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