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Carol Journey (born 1986), 29, is a student from Lawrence, Kansas, born and raised in Haysville, Kansas.

Carol attends the University of Kansas and is part of their dance team.

Females paranoidly try to preserve their freedom and are afraid of being dependent on males.

On Day 48, her good friend Dustin was evicted from the House.This paper hopes to show that a queer reading of Wilde's works should be the primary concern of theorists, not because Wilde happened to have homosexual encounters during the course of his life, but because he was a firm supporter of the idea of equality of sexualities and romantic interests, finding them all uniformly legitimate and continually showing this in his writing – something which few Victorian writers of his prominence did, and therein lies the immense value of Wilde as a man of letters.Mrs May’s official reason for calling the election was to increase her working Commons majority of 17 to strengthen her hand in the Brexit negotiations.The Conservatives were enjoying a big opinion poll lead over Labour at the time Mrs May called the snap election.Among the list of the beautiful British women, this dark beauty possesses a long lock of thick black hair and as such, resembles like an Asian to some extent.

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My other academic interests lie with the adaptation of Victorian narratives for modern audiences and pastiches of Victorian works.

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