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The predominant colors would be Nantucket blue, slate grey, and the color of the sea before a storm.If Stanley Tucci were your boyfriend, it would always be the second week of fall.

I have only walked out of five movies in my life, and four of them have been during my five-years at Sundance. Idon’t mean to say that Sundance movies are bad, as for the most part the level of film at the festival far succeeds the selection at your normal multiplex.

He would also call you “Sport.” You would find it endearing and waggish and not in the least patronizing. But it would be perfect, and you would never have trouble sliding Camembert pieces off of it.

If Stanley Tucci were your boyfriend, the two of you would go dancing, but he’d never make a big deal out of it. You would be the kind of person who invests in small, good, useful things.

“Just extraordinary.” And there would be a light in his eyes that would let you believe him.

If Stanley Tucci were your boyfriend, Nora Ephron would still be alive somehow.

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Note: I’m not calling this a review, because truth is, I only saw the first 33 minutes of this movie.

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