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I dont mean the simple rules like all iced tea should be sugar-shocked.I am talking about the rules any good Southern belle knows.But even though some of the book is painful, there are always the perky hindquarters to cheer you up.So, yeah, this book will make you laugh even though you wouldn't have thought you'd laugh about some of that stuff.If you try to read a paragraph aloud to demonstrate what's so funny, you'll end up snorting rather than actually saying words. Oh, you'll just have to read it yourself and you'll see what I mean.Left high and dry, pregnant with twins, just off the altar, Snowe plunges head-first into the internet dating world, despite being told that if she did so an axe murderer would hunt her down and kill her. You'll have to read the book to find out whether Snowe ever finds love in the internet dating world, how fun a date during a hurricane is, and exactly what is so distracting about Big Pimpin' Willie's tattoo.After weeks of wading through emails from men who clearly were not paying attention to, you know, anything, Snowe ventures onto her first date with Denny and, apparently, all of his coworkers. Very special books do not cross my desk very often, but I am delighted to have read Meeting Mr.

The other reviewers are right -- if you try to explain what's so funny, whoever else has been listening to you laugh will just give you the side-eye.

She writes out her exact reactions to situations, as if she were speaking to you. First off, I have to say that I am a huge chick lit fan and although this book is a true story, it read like a chick lit which was a definite plus for me. A woman trying to find her soulmate or, at the very least, she would like to find a guy that can eat, talk and be normal - at least for the duration of one date.

She tells stories of very uncomfortable first dates and she tells them in a hilarious way. You can feel her frustration in the weird and upsetting situations she was in but it's mitigated by her sense of humor. The stories were great, and Stephanie Snowe's storytelling abilities are excellent. I also thought that the author has a down to earth, honest way about telling her story.

For example, her date Bob, whose socks match his sweater perfectly, is sobbing and flailing on a barstool because his father doesn't love him.

He's getting really, really loud and really, really active, until Stephanie is afraid that his "perky hindquarters" will skid off the barstool. With those two words, I know so much about Bob that I can tell him exactly why his father doesn't love him.

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