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The four minutes went so quickly, but I managed to get to know the person in that time which was great.It was lovely to mingle at the start, in the break and at the end to get to know people you hadn't spoken to yet or to get to know the person more."The conversations have become monotonous and similar, and having a 'Match' is no longer as exciting as the first few times," Forsell continues, adding that she wants people to "seduce" one another using just "their way with words." Hmmm.But, the real question is: Do people really have the time and patience to invest in a protracted conversation with someone you might not actually fancy?

The host was lovely, the whole experience was so much fun, I would definitely go again with slow dating as it was a lovely venue, lovely host and overall an amazing night.

Last night maybe no romance for me this time but I did come away with a potential girly mate (I am female). i will definitely find an event near to meet new gentlemen.

Also as I'm new to the area it was a great way to go out without needing to go out with friends. Thanks have experienced a couple of these do's - lock and key I think they call it, which both times took a while to get doing, but then once the drink kicked in, turned out to be good clean fun but pretty tiring.

If you are single and want a different night, meeting both women and men then try slow dating.

Many people I have found go on there own and it's a really easy way to talk to new folk. till today still talk to some of the was a good experience and opened my eyes to what dating should be like.

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