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But Mr Jones filmed it at his Ridgway Rentals plant in Oswestry, Shrops., last Wednesday (10/5).MNA Digital MD Andy Hill then wrapped things up by speaking about being able to offer affordable and measurable services to all businesses within the region whatever their size and budget.He also spoke about the challenge of innovating in such a fast paced environment and the importance of not being afraid of failure.The column of hot air then begins to rotate if the conditions are right and stretches vertically as the air rapidly rises.They are known as dust devils because in many countries around the world they were thought to be bad spirits.

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He said: 'At first I thought it was a mini-tornado by there was absolutely no wind in the yard at all.'We have had similar things that might rise up from the ground a few feet then disappear almost immediately but nothing as spectacular as this before.'You can really hear it blowing and it's certainly something quite amazing to see.'Luckily all our Plant Rental Machinery is of a huge weight so was totally unaffected by the power of the swirling updraft and nobody came to any harm.'Dust Devils are similar to tornadoes with both weather phenomenons being a swirling updraft under conditions during fair weather.

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