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A side he suspects exists, but is kept hidden underneath her pristine lab coat. Wanting to be with her again, physically and emotionally, Jay pretends to take the serum.Their intimate encounter awakens an emotional part of him, and has left him longing for more. Later that morning they make wild passionate love against the bathroom wall.Her fireman father suffered from the same malady – which resulted in his death.She cannot understand or accept the violence Con’s job requires.

Laura discovers that the vials have been tampered with and the serum Jay had taken earlier that day was a libido enhancer, not a suppressant.Bailey is terrified because Con has a hero complex.He is compelled to save lives, at horrible risk to his own.Jay is thrilled to discover that Laura’s secret desire was to finish what they had started. When she appears confused, Jay goes on to explain that he loves her and wants to be with her--forever.Laura is overjoyed to discover Jay didn’t need an enhancer to want her. Elated and in love, they decide they don’t ever want to suppress their desires and decide to find someone else to test the potion. Book-lover and avid reader Bailey is wrestling with emotional turmoil.

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