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Divorced for 20 years followed by a couple of failed relationships, Peter decided he would.‘I’d never been on a dating site before, so was a little nervous about adding my details and photograph,’ he says.‘But within minutes, I got a message from an attractive blonde purporting to be from Ilford, Essex, and calling herself Martha Alfson.‘Her profile said she was only 32.After the rally ended in the evening, a reporter asked Poland's interior minister - a member of the right-wing government - what he thought of the banners and chants.Of “white Europe” and “pure blood.” “It's only your opinion, because you behave like a political activist,” he replied, Politico reported.CNN has since corrected its story and removed its reference to the banner.

11 marks Poland's celebration of its freedom from imperial rule in 1918.

Peter had already emptied his current account of £1,000 in response to earlier, desperate pleas. Heart pounding with growing panic, Peter couldn’t understand how his mundane life had been utterly transformed in just one week.

By now, most people will have worked out that Peter — a kind, gentle and, by his own admission, naive divorcé — had fallen victim to a dating fraud.

The threatening phone call demanding money woke pensioner Peter Lock in the dead of night.

Though feeling muzzy-headed, the message he received was loud and clear.

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