Pleasurebot sex talk accommodating disabled sporting events

Some critics have said she is the President’s strongest hope of appearing stable and trustworthy. Then go to the loo with the door open, eat takeaway chow mein in bed, and let her legs get nice and stubbly.Walk about in flipflops with chipped toe-polish and a verucca.Did Melania ever allow herself to break wind, smell a tad sweaty by 7pm or have silver regrowth in her hair? I’ll never know any of this, but I’ll wager that living 204 miles away from her husband, the self-appointed Poo Police, probably felt rather liberating.I have a grudging respect that she hid for so long.And this was my effort, and I think it works as intended!

President Trump once told Howard Stern – both a terrific set of lads – that one his wife’s great traits was that he had never, in all their relationship, had evidence she used the bathroom.No smells, no sounds, no awkward “perhaps give that a moment” pleas from the slinky Slovenian.You don’t bust your way out of Novo Mesto to spend your days choosing couture in Mar-a-Lago by defecating willy nilly into any available loo like a commonplace woman.Most people I’ve had emotional attachment to over the years have ‘kicked me’ so the idea of becoming an emotionless machine who cant be hurt anymore just appeals so much.Also it would take away that psychological barrier in my head that stops me from having any sort of emotional involvement with anyone nowadays.

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And it simply developed from there, and when I saw the transformation scene from Metropolis at about the age of 14, and suddenly discovered I’d soaked my panties with excitement I knew I wanted that to happen to me.

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