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And all the men think about this wonderful time with a smile on their faces and, it is very importantly, with understanding. An adult male will never strictly judge his girlfriend for behavior that is natural for all twenty-year-olds.In addition, any man over 35 understands that they still have everything ahead.Yes, an acceptable age difference has become less, but the gap of 20 years between you and your partner is not a small one, especially within the framework of one human life.So, what is the reason for this and how to date younger women? If the girls themselves did not want to marry someone who is older than them, nothing like this would have happened, so do not flatter yourself strongly.If you really go into history, it turns out that in the Middle Ages, dynastic marriages were between gray-haired men and very young girls that had just literally stopped playing with dolls.

That`s the biggest reason why women are looking for older men. We do not see anything reprehensible in sharing an apartment with your common friend or even with another couple in youth. Living space is needed in order to grow together materially and spiritually.

It is worth saying that such marriages or just romantic relationships are not a feature of our era.

Read a couple of historical novels, watch a few documentaries about life in the old days and you'll find out that the difference in age did not bother anyone before.

That is important, but mostly I am going to tell you my personal experiences about dating beautiful, fun young ladies in a variety of countries around the world. By “younger women” I am talking about women over eighteen years of age.

And, no, I do not want any of the excuses about how biologically or emotionally mature younger girls can be, cultural traditions, or the legal issues surrounding the age of consent.

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Girls are still crazy about opening doors in front of them or telling them old-fashioned compliments. If you have an attractive appearance and take care of yourself in all senses (body, education, involvement in modern trends), your chances for dating a 20 year old girl are no worse than those of younger suitors. We hope that our article will help you, so good luck and have a good date!

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