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The better ones keep an eye out for anomalies which require some adaptation of the paradigm.My first memory of Sue Bradford is of the feisty speech she gave to the 1984 Economic Summit Conference pleading that a greater commitment be given to the people she worked with – those on the margins of society: the unemployed, the poor, the mentally and physically disabled. As frustration builds over the way our new government is being built - amidst casual abuse, secrecy and over-reach - we really only have ourselves to blame, for the way this administration is being born in darkness, at least.

The intuition seems commonsense; specialise in what you (or the country) do well and exchange the surplus for what you are not as good at.

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The true answer is that it is both; yet because of how our brains are wired to perceive the world, whichever image you choose to see, you then cannot see the other.

New Zealand’s electoral system gives it a parliament which represents voters.

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A dislike of capitalism is something that unites the partners in the new government. One commentator said confidently that the party with the most votes should form the government.

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