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She said she imagined Thomas Jefferson and the other framers standing there, talking about how they were going to carry off the plan for the new union. Beverly is eighty-one and walks with some difficulty, but she comes to see Patti’s shows as often as she can.

They sat with friends in a taped-off section of the balcony, next to the band’s video equipment.

You don’t need it.” An hour or so later, when the crowd was going nuts, swaying and jabbing their arms in the air and. is on most lists of the greatest rock albums of all time.

Its critical success is one of the reasons that the phrase most frequently used to describe Smith, especially by headline writers, is “the godmother of punk.” She was the first performer from the mid-seventies downtown New York music scene to get a major recording contract.

In the spring of 1974, she recorded a version of “Hey Joe” for a small private label.

” An autobiographical prose poem, “Piss Factory,” was on the B side.

Smith was dancing, her arms stretched out to the audience, her fingers moving. The Mapplethorpe photograph, which was shot in black-and-white—unusual for the time—is one of the most recognizable images in the iconography of rock and roll. Her dark hair, which grazes the base of her neck, is thick and wild, and she stares insolently at the camera.

Her voice is a muscular contralto that she uses the way a jazz singer does, creating hypnotic musical lines. She wears a white shirt and has tossed a black jacket over her left shoulder in an homage to Frank Sinatra’s poses. Smith’s hair is longer today, and lighter, because of the gray strands in it, but she is as thin as she was then, and her face is smooth and unlined.

And ‘Wild Strawberries.’ That changed my life.” She found a copy of Arthur Rimbaud’s “Illuminations” in a bargain book bin in the bus terminal, along with old copies of the , a journal that in the early and mid-sixties was publishing Jean Genet and William Burroughs, and that had advertisements for bookstores and art galleries in New York.

Oliver Ray, Smith’s companion and a guitarist in her band, and Steven Sebring, a photographer who is working on a documentary of her life, had come along on the walk.

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It had long ago lost its shape and its band, and moths had eaten a pattern on the edge of the brim.

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