How often to hang out when first dating

Go on a couple of dates to help cool down the hot hot heat you’re feeling.Who knows — maybe you’ll even meet someone better for you.I’d be swept off my feet and imagining our future life together (like, wedding and babies future together) before I even knew the guy’s middle name!While I tend to just dive right in and let the person I’m dating know how I feel, throwing caution to the wind, I totally understand that that’s not recommended for people in most situations.You're also probably not comfortable enough to have open communication.This means you probably won't speak up when something is bothering you.

For example: if he says "hey :)" is that better than "heyy? Source: Shutter Stock When you first start dating someone, you're not only trying to make a good impression, you're also trying to avoid any awkward confrontation or conversations that could lead to an argument.

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When you start dating someone new, everything is exciting, different, and… hey, we all make mistakes in the name of love once in a while.

These are all things you know you shouldn’t do, but…

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