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Thanks to our guest poster, Dr Orgasm for putting these all together and testing.

This track will take you to outer space and beyond with a wide variation of pleasurable and slightly stinging sensations.This file rises to a crescendo of inexorable squeezing. We recommend a connecting Ch A to your cock head to a pad on each ball and Ch B to to your frenulum and below your balls (or alternatively, your anus).Use a triphase setting even though the setup isn’t strcitly triphase.Waves and pulses and strokes of sixty hands gripping your cock from root to tip and exploring your prostate, balls, and glans with sweeping caresses, squeezes and milking grips. We recommend a small anal trode near the prostate, and a trode on the glans.This track also works well with tri-phase – add a common as a cock ring, or if you are adventurous, on your balls.

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Top tip – don’t turn it off after you have orgasmed the first time, after 5-10 minutes you may experience the holy grail of multiple dry orgasms.

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