Entitymanager merge not updating record after updating kaspersky executable file changed

Whenever you have a managed entity instance at hand, you can traverse and use any associations of that entity that are configured LAZY as if they were in-memory already.

Doctrine will automatically load the associated objects on demand through the concept of lazy-loading.

To merge the state of an entity into an Entity Manager use the Note When you want to serialize/unserialize entities you have to make all entity properties protected, never private.

The reason for this is, if you serialize a class that was a proxy instance before, the private variables won’t be serialized and a PHP Notice is thrown.

As outlined in the architecture overview an entity can be in one of four possible states: NEW, MANAGED, REMOVED, DETACHED.

In the previous example the echo prints “Hello World dude! You can even verify that Sometimes you want to clear the identity map of an Entity Manager to start over.

You can not rely on a generated identifier to be available directly after invoking After an entity has been removed its in-memory state is the same as before the removal, except for generated identifiers.

Removing an entity will also automatically delete any existing records in many-to-many join tables that link this entity.

We use this regularly in our unit-tests to enforce loading objects from the database again instead of serving them from the identity map.

You can call Although Doctrine allows for a complete separation of your domain model (Entity classes) there will never be a situation where objects are “missing” when traversing associations.

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No cascade options are relevant for removed entities on flush, the cascade remove option is already executed during The size represents the number of managed entities in the Unit of Work.

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