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This will decrease your credit score because this is a characteristic of high credit risk groups. A good rule of thumb I’ve heard several times is to because it can take time and have significant impacts.

This entails getting in touch with the lender to verify that the information is accurate.

We currently have everything that requires financing in my name...

Events (not in any particular order): Forclosure of home: July 2012 Reposession of cars (2) November 2010 Credit card debt: We had 7 open revolving lines of credit, all of which are now in bad standing.

So for example, if you have a 00 credit card and you owe 0 on it (a 50% ratio), then if you increase the balance to 00, your ratio is now a preferred 25%!

If you plan on being self-employed consider a corporation because you can be “employed” by the corporation, however please note that even with a corporation it generally takes at least 2-3 years of consistent income before most lending institutions are ready to talk to you again. For credit cards that are “maxed” out or have balances above the 25% rule of thumb, and you have no way of reducing the balance, fortunately there are other means to bring their ratios to more preferred levels.

Increase the maximum on your credit card, get that line of credit, etc. To use the cliché, an ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure.

Hi Michael, I recently decided I was going to tackle my husbands bad credit myself.

Student Loans: (2) I have recently contacted Sallie Mae and committed to a repayment plan. —Melissa D Recovering from a temporary financial setback (not that the years you endured could be called temporary), and repairing your own and your husbands credit score, is possible.

Current Score: 540 Goal Score: 650 Let me know if you would like any further information. I figure there is no better time than now to at least get a game plan and start making steps in the right direction. You can have better results going about your own credit repair, than by hiring someone. First thing I want to address is the patience part.

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In other words, lenders want customers who will stay around and not move their accounts to whoever has the lowest current introductory offer.

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