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At independence, Arabic was declared the official language.

Beyond the plateau are the Saharan Atlas Mountains, which form the boundary of the Algerian Sahara desert.Once I have the Mayan organized, then it will probably be easier to sort this one out as well.The Egyptian Calendar: The cycle began when the sun and Sirius rose in the same place, which may have been one of three possibilities.Fire Rabbit 1 corresponds to: This is the same year that the Indonesian calendar begins on, but I don't know if it's a coincidence, because I don't know as yet what event(s) this correlates to, historical or astronomical.Of the other Eras, the oldest of the starting dates is 1 KY (Kali Yuga or The Aztec Calendar: I haven't done much with this one yet, since it's so much like the Mayan, and that one has so much.

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