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Katherine’s name is also a pseudonym; the other adult names have not been changed, though some last names have been omitted at their request.) It was a rocky few months, Katherine recalls, noting that the children arrived with physical marks of abuse — bruises and burn scars — and signs of psychological ones.

Peck’s caseload is the closest thing there is to a database of what works and what does not when placing a child in a new home.

The cascade of wrenching events that would eventually lead Katherine Z.

to call Cyndi Peck began when Katherine and her husband welcomed a Russian brother and sister into their sprawling suburban home.  recently spent hours talking with this reporter in that home, describing what happened in intricate detail (and later sharing documentation from a family therapist and psychiatrist to support key pieces of her story on the condition that they not be quoted directly in this article).

Those numbers are imprecise, however, because of law and stigma.

Some of these children are not relinquished to agencies but rather to a shadowy black market.

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Technically this is called “disruption” (if the interruption comes before the adoption is finalized) and “dissolution” (if it comes after).

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