Dating a guy thats always busy

In fact, she can do this in your place or in her house.

Use this excuse to get together and work on your individual projects.

thing is she already told you she has not much iunsterest in you, do you really want to make more of it with someone like that?

you can do better I've been going out with this girl but she's ALWAYS busy. If I text her during the day she doesn't respond till end of the night-or sometimes even next day (her excuse: was busy) On the weekends I can hang out with her but she also has friends-and most of the time takes Friday or Sat to hang out with them-so basically giving me only 1 day to hang out with her. And also I don't want to end up looking clingy so asking her to hang out more than once a week would be weak on my part since she never mentions us hanging out until I bring it up.

If you ever find yourself dating a busy girl who’s not making excuses to avoid you, here are 10 things you need to keep in mind. If she has a personal assistant, then you should know how to pucker up to the assistant to get a copy of at least her schedule for the week.

Well that question and answer should be applied to them also. When your mind becomes still, your intelligence explodes.

When your happiness is dependent upon what is happening outside of you, constantly you live as a slave to the external situation.

I was able to make her take off her pants but then she backed off and I got her wet a bunch of times--but never did anything other than kissing/hugging/touching.

She only had 1 bf for a couple of years with him and broke up 4 months ago brb too much information haha Why can't she spend Friday with her friends and Saturday/Sunday with you? I'm sure her friends understand that 9/10 the person you are dating takes center stage for awhile and would not object to her spending more time with you.

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