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Nearly seven minutes later, both of the researchers exited without the original team. His mouth and nose and eyes looked slightly different.

███ immediately disconnected SCP-XXXX from the power supply and dialed for local police. News of the incident reached SCP personnel at pm the same day, and MTF Tau-97 "Verse-Vices" was sent to take control of SCP-XXXX and administer amnestics to witnesses. I leaned down to get a better look, when his eyes burst open and his mouth stretched farther ajar than any human mouth should, and he began screaming at the top of his lungs.

Users would be provided with a simulation seat which had protruding gas and brake pedals at the user's feet and manipulated physical effects to create a motion feeling proportional to the movement in the simulation.

Users would also be provided with a simulation steering wheel used to control the simulation.

After fifty-six minutes had passed, a junior researcher, █████ ████████, 28, entered SCP-XXXX looking for the team, who had not responded to messages sent to them from various company employees during that time.

Thirty-two minutes later, another researcher, ██████████ ███, repeated the same action.

When a subject enters Melanie's presence, they will hear the sound of an opera-like song being sung by a female voice.Visual access to the interior of SCP-XXXX is to be limited to Class-D personnel.Upon the event that SCP-XXXX-1 exits SCP-XXXX, Site-45 is to initiate an Type-F Awareness Protocol and attempt recontainment., the twelve scientists who created SCP-XXXX entered it in hopes of testing an updated program they had installed.The update's main purpose was to add several new driving location modes, including nighttime driving.

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Test XXXX-2 was held two months after the first test following Administrator approval. Formerly charged with penalties related to street racing, she was selected for the test due to advanced driving experience. D-9049 activates it and goes to the simulation seat. A girl in a yellow dress is visible, standing only a few inches away from the camera. Mind becomes noticeably distressed, but stands and immediately enters SCP-XXXX. Mind entered SCP-XXXX, as well as why the original creators entered it themselves. With eyes bluer than Neptune A will so pure that the grass grew green A heart lighter than xenon A gas-glowed lamp shining into my cavernous Dreams and nightmares It was my fault for being so weak Seams and light snares Catching the beams and eating them whole History made reality I was fallen, I heard your voice calling A grindstone carving a gravestone Disguised as a flower that spoke to my eyes You took my life before I could myself An enigmatic climax to a peaceborn tragedy Now I am simply a shadowy figure But I feel just as real as ever An instance previously unforetold Where once was a heart is a hellhole There's nothing but a heart of gold That can save this man with a silver soul For several weeks now, I have been suffering from hellish nightmares. I decided I wouldn't dream about her anymore, the face she made before I woke up… One time, I tried to make my dream become one where I went to bed inside my dream and had a lucid dream. Her death is no reason for me to be unappreciative of that love. I could stay up for days without even feeling tired. Each component of SCP-XXXX is to be stored in its own room.

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