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It was getting a steady stream of immigration into its cloth trade, and Gottfried believed that its population had by this time regained its pre-plague levels.In 1340 the population was about 7,150, falling to 3,000 by 1440. Local agriculture was highly productive, depending on Bury for its market, and as a marketing centre for onward distribution.Over the next hundred years local government would replace the Abbots' Rule, but religious differences would cause bitter divisions in the country.However, the town had now lost the use of the great library of the abbey, the access to the several hospitals which the monks had run, the grammar school was closed, and the various charities and good works of the monks were suddenly gone.

Instead, there had been a Steward of the Liberty, at least since the days of William the Conqueror.

By the 20th century the stewardship of the Liberty of St Edmund and the Bury St Edmunds liberty were both in the hands of the Marquess of Bristol.

King Henry VIII now began to convert the seized properties of the church into cash.

He had been a rich wool merchant, trading in Flanders, and had built Hengrave Hall on the proceeds from 1525 to 1538.

The house was left to his wife, Margaret, and his only son, also called Thomas, who was born soon after his death.

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After about 1120 it seems to have become an hereditary post.

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