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Some of the earliest talkies were primitive, self-conscious, crudely-made productions with an immobile microphone - designed to capitalize on the novelty of sound.Silent film studios became obsolescent, and new investments had to be made for expensive new equipment, technological innovations, and sound-proofed stages.In some cases, the plots of the two versions differed (with either alternative takes, reversed sequences, or changed endings).One major example was All Quiet on the Western Front (1930), which had a 'silent' version (with music and effects) and a 'sound' version.The first two-color Technicolor production was The Gulf Between (1917), and the first commercial, two-color Technicolor feature film made was the six-reel The Toll of the Sea (1922), also noted as the first to use a subtractive two-color process.The first feature-length blockbuster color picture using this same innovative process was The Black Pirate (1926) with Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.In 1915, the Technicolor Motion Picture Corporation was founded by Herbert Kalmus, Daniel Comstock, and Burton Westcott to develop a more advanced system to colorize motion pictures.

As Ri Ri is deemed "too sexy" for her recent Nivea advertising campaign, Capital takes a look back at some of the "We Found Love' singer's sexiest looks over the years.

At the same time, film studios were confronted with many problems related to the coming of sound, including restricted markets for English-language talkies.

Many Hollywood actors/actresses lacked good voices and stage experience, and their marketability decreased.

It also starred Myrna Loy, John Barrymore, comedian Ben Turpin, 'Eight Sister Acts' and more, and was hosted by Master of Ceremonies Frank Fay.

The first all-color sound musical production (in two-strip Technicolor) was Warners' and director Alan Crosland's backstage musical On With the Show!

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In the earliest years of the industry, hand-tinting/painting had been tried, but it was largely impractical, laborious, and unrealistic looking.

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