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The nearest major cross street would be Water Street.

When I started in US government service 50-odd years ago, a degree in anything was totally unnecessary.I suspect that it’s tough to avoid being stereotyped as a worker bee. Whether you are willing to work for less or not, again that may be a tough perception to shake.You probably know better than I do that class distinctions and perception can be a big deal here, more so than in the US. In the USA who your father is, what work he does, what high school or college you went to, etc. Most Americans are not going to be able to do what it takes to live on Filipino wages.One of my nieces works for a big call center/BPO provider and while I was visiting there one day I saw a big list on the wall of all their management people, including a little “capsule CV’ for each executive as well as their countries of origin. I have insight into three big companies through them …There are a lot of foreigners in management with that firm, but a large majority are from India, Malaysia, China and many other countries … the Americans often don’t rise above trainer and trainer/first line supervisory levels.

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group exists but has been orphaned - no way to get in They have a huge selection of videos and toys and best of all most of the booths have half walls allowing you to visit your neighbor if the chemistry is right.

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