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Typical examples of difficulties with social understanding include taking what others say very literally, problems understanding double meanings (e.g., not knowing when others are teasing you), not choosing appropriate topics to talk about, finding “small talk” very difficult, and difficulties in group situations (e.g., going to the bar with a group of buddies).Lack of imagination in people with High-Functioning Autism can include difficulty imagining alternative outcomes and finding it hard to predict what will happen next. This can present as problems with sequencing tasks so that preparing to go out can be difficult because you can't always remember what to take with you, problems with making plans for the future, having difficulties organizing your life, and an obsession with rigid routines and severe distress when routines are disrupted.” For some, doing their own research through books, on the Internet, through support groups and information organizations provides enough answers and the best explanation regarding challenges that one faces as well as the strengths that one possesses. Getting a diagnosis as a grown man or women isn't easy, especially since High-Functioning Autism isn't widely heard of among medical professionals.The typical route for getting diagnosed is to visit a physician and ask for a referral to a therapist, preferably one with experience of diagnosing High-Functioning Autism.To honor those who have passed, have a special meal or a moment of silence or visit a place the person enjoyed. Be realistic about the type of pet that’s right for you. There are many, many opportunities for doing community service.No one can be depressed when they are doing community service. If the symptoms of hopelessness and depression last for more than two weeks, or if they worsen, you need to see your doc.Declare an amnesty with whichever family member or friend you are feeling past resentments. Instead of being sad that grandma is no longer alive to bake her famous German chocolate cake, begin a tradition of baking German chocolate cupcakes with the kids in the family.

The sky is partly sunny, and the glass is half full and revel in our gratitude for our bounty, health, hope, and our courage to face each day with hope and determination. If you drink, do not let Thanksgiving become a reason for over-indulging and hangovers. Contrary to popular opinion, alcohol is a depressant. (Last year we visited my Grandmother in Maine, which I will be eternally grateful that my husband got a chance to meet her.) 19. Create time for yourself to do the things YOU love and need to do for your physical and mental wellness: aerobic exercise, yoga, massage, spiritual practices, taking long fast walks, or any activity that calms you down and gives you a better perspective on what is important in your life. Send care packages, video tape activities and events, communicate via Skype. They provide a lifetime of fun, laughs and companionship. Work with any number of groups that help underprivileged or hospitalized children at Thanksgiving.Individuals with High-Functioning Autism will be affected in some way by each of these impairments.The Autism Spectrum is very broad, and any two individuals with the condition may present very differently.Some of these problems can be seen in the way individuals with High-Functioning Autism present themselves.For example classic traits include anxiety in social situations and resultant nervous tics, difficulties expressing themselves (especially when talking about emotions), difficulty making eye contact, and repetitive speech.

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These can include: Not having these associated issues doesn’t mean you don’t have High-Functioning Autism, but if you have any of them, you might want to describe them to the doctor in order to back up your case.

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