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However, along with all the breath taking scenery, wonderful flowers, trees and animals that we get to see, there are also dangers to hiking in the wilderness.

One of those dangers is stumbling upon a wild animal, such as a bear, moose, or even a snake.

Online slot machines are aptly named pokies because when they were first introduced in places like Australia and New Zealand they carried symbols of fruits on playing cards.

The name has stuck through the times and that is why they are called online pokies.

Various information shall be presented to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the online learning environment.

This paper will identify the difference between the adult online learner and a traditional learner.

[tags: online entertainment and vice industries] - As an adult learner in an online learning environment, a certain amount of readiness skills will be necessary.

Previous generations did not have the option for online learning experience, so why should we start now.

An interesting point about online education is that Le Baron (2010) states, “The largest school in the U. is the University of Phoenix Online, with a whopping 380,232 students.

Many challenges stand before the adult learner such as time management, finding correct school, reliable computer and internet, and budget to take classes. [tags: education method, online courses] - The report examines three universities to determine the one that offers the best online MBA program, which suits Mega Corp employees.

The three learning institutions examined include the Walden, Washington State, and North Carolina State universities.

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